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Fraction Vocab

Mixed Number, Product, Halves quiz generator , Improper Fraction print quizzes , Greatest Common Factor, Faction Bar, Denominator , Least Common Denominator, Equivalent , Thirds, Fourths, Numerator, Simplified/ Reduced, Fraction, Factor, Reciprocal,

A number that is multiplied by another number to get a product, The number below the line in a fraction. mix questions , one of two equal parts of something, The largest common factor of 2 or more numbers, A number made up of a whole number and a fraction., The number above the line in a fraction., one of four equal parts of something, The numerator and denominator are switched. Reciprocal of 3/4 is 4/3, The numerator and denominator have no common factors. english , one of three equal parts of something, The line that separates the numerator %26 denominator in a fraction., The lowest number which is a multiple of both denominators., Describes part of a whole., A fraction whose numerator is equal to or greater than its denominator., Two fractions that express the same (equal) parts of a whole.stimulate your students , The answer when 2 or more numbers are multiplied,