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FOA- Opioid abuse and addiction

1. The process of biotransformation takes place in the
brain, gi tract, liver, all of the above,
2. When an opiate is snorted what percentage is absorbed
heroin is almost undeard of now, heroin and alcohol together increase the euphoric effect, heroin smoking has become popular possibly as a means to avoid sharing IV needles, non of the above,
3. What is the most serious and destructive form of illicit drug abuse?
dilaudid, fentanyl, morphine, meprobamate,
4. This drug does not work within the brain to nonselectively alter a persons perception of pain
cocaine, qualuudes mix questions , heroin, MDMA,
5. In the brain, what does not act like a group of chemicals called opioid peptides
53%25, 100%25, 62%25, 25%25,
6. Subcutaneous means
mainlining, chasing the dragon results , speedballing, skin popping,
7. The active agent of opium is
codeine, morphine, demerol, heroin,
8. Evidence suggests
endorphins, enkephalins, estropamines, dynorphins,
9. What is not a route of administration?
oral, rectal english , IV and IM, nasal injection,