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Greek and Latin Elements: cap, ped, corp

Fill in the sentence with the correct word from your word list. Not all words will be used.

1. The definition of a # is a foot, base or support for a column, pillar or lamp.
corporate, , ,
2. Many died in # and many suffered appalling brutality.
pedestal, educational games , ,
3. The fireworks # the people.
expedition, , ,
4. A # is a dead body.
corpse, , ,
5. When you go to a spa and your feet are soaked in bubbling water and then massaged before your toe nails are cut and painted, this is an example of a #.
captivate, , ,
6. The series %27 first PlayStation 2 outing looks to # several advancements, including stereo sound effects.
incorporate, quiz generator , class website ,
7. An example of a # is a woman who travels the country selling jewelry she made.
pedicure, , short answer questions ,
8. An example of an # is when Lewis and Clark went to explore newly acquired land in America.
capitol, , ,
9. The definition of # is something related to a business group.
peddler, , ,