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FOA-Chapter 36

1. What drug commonly figures in violent behaviour?
10%25, 30%25, 50%25, 70%25,
2. Analogue is a compound that is a variation on the chemical structure of a different drug in producing a new drug. What is the original compound known as?
5 million, 10 million, 4 million, 7 million,
3. Opiate abusers have been know to die
medical laboratories, kitchen, illicit labs, assembly line,
4. What percentage of those incarcerated had a diagnosable substance use disorder at the time they committed their crime?
slowly, quickly, rapidly online , none of the above,
5. If marijuana were legalized the number of illegal drug users would drop from 13 million to
stealing, sleeping, borrowing, violence,
6. What percentage of heroin-dependent individuals in the US have a legal history?
15 %25, 30%25, 54%25, 74%25,
7. Substance abusers are 12-16 times more likely to resort to
to increase profits, to have more product to sell, to make it easier to import/export, both a and b,
8. Many illicit drugs are produced in a/an
sister drug, parent drug, mother drug assess performance , father drug,
9. Why are chemicals adulterated and rarely sold to the user in pure form?
heroin, cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine,