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FOA-Chapter 36

1. Why are chemicals adulterated and rarely sold to the user in pure form?
10%25, 30%25, 50%25 generate answer keys , 70%25,
2. If marijuana were legalized the number of illegal drug users would drop from 13 million to
5 million, 10 million mix questions , 4 million, 7 million,
3. It is ________ to assess the true relationship between drug abuse and criminal behaviour
medical laboratories, kitchen, illicit labs, assembly line,
4. What drug commonly figures in violent behaviour?
slowly, quickly, rapidly, none of the above,
5. Many illicit drugs are produced in a/an
stealing, sleeping, borrowing, violence,
6. Analogue is a compound that is a variation on the chemical structure of a different drug in producing a new drug. What is the original compound known as?
15 %25, 30%25, 54%25, 74%25,
7. What percentage of those incarcerated had a diagnosable substance use disorder at the time they committed their crime?
to increase profits, to have more product to sell, to make it easier to import/export, both a and b,
8. Opiate abusers have been know to die
sister drug, parent drug, mother drug, father drug,
9. What percentage of heroin-dependent individuals in the US have a legal history?
heroin, cocaine quiz generator , alcohol, methamphetamine,