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FOA- chapter 16

1. What%27s another word for delirium tremens?
third, sixth, first, second,
2. Once in the brain, inhalants are thought to alter the normal function of the ________ of the neuron
membranes, brain cells, dendrites, axon,
3. Inhalants are ______ lipid soluble
seizures, suicide, epilepsy, all of the above,
4. Effects of a single exposure to an inhalant lasts up to
all toxic to the human body, partially toxic to the human body, not toxic at all, semi toxic to the human body,
5. Nitrous Oxide was the ______ recorded case of abuse of an anesthetic
constantly using alone, use occasionally alone, constantly/with other create online quizzes , occasional use,
6. Directly or indirectly compounds inhaled for recreational purposes are
partially, not, quite, a little,
7. Inhalants reach the brain in
youths, African American, Asians, native,
a long period of time, extremely short period of time, a prolonged period of time, no time at all,
9. Inhalants/Aerosols are a rapidly growing form of chemical abuse. In Canada, especially amongst
Answer_1, Answer_2 save time , Answer_3,