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FOA- chapter 20

1. What is the estimated percentage of mothers who smoke cigarettes during pregnancy?
Fetal alcohol Spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome disorder tool for teachers , fetal alcohol system distortion, fetus abuse security dysfunction,
2. The physical complications associated with narcotics abuse during pregnancy include
1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, 4th trimester,
3. What does FASD stand for?
low birth weight, facial abnormalities educational games , smaller brain size at birth, all of the above,
4. The effects of maternal cocaine use are
facial abnormalities, smaller brain size, none have been found, both a and b,
5. It is reported that the use of aspirin by the mother during pregnancy might produce
still birth, breech, spontaneous abortion save time , all of the above,
6. When is the period of special vulnerability?
slower motor development, FASD, asthma, glaucoma,
7. Characteristics of children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are
buspirone, bupropion, disulfiram english , all of the aove,
8. What is thought to be the outcome of mothers who breastfeed while smoking marijuana%3e
15%25, 20%25, 25%25, 30%25,
9. Substances whose effects during pregnancy are unclear
anaemia, postpartum, prolonged labour, all of the above,