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FOA-chapter 33

1. Antabuse has another name what is it?
Confabulation, formication, disulfiram, none of the above,
2. Buprenorphine is the up and coming treatment of choice because
block euphoric effects, stop the release of endogenous opioids, improve alcohol consumption in both animals and humans, both b and c,
3. buprenorphine can be dangerous because
body cannot metabolize the drugs, some individuals will drink anyway, interaction with alcohol will make you euphoric, all of the avoe,
4. Methadone is
55 minutes, 30 minutes create online quizzes , 25 minutes, 40 minutes,
5. Buprenorphine is a chemical cousin to
possibly able to block the euphoric effects of injected opiates for uyp to 72 hours, not used for opiate addictions, can possibly block euphoric effects for weeks, none of the above,
6. For the pharmacological treatment of opiate addiction naltrexone is
what you take when you%27re feeling sad, remains the drug of choice for opiate withdrawal, is a fully synthetic narcotic analgesic, both b and c,
7. How long does it take for antabuse effects to begin?
it is very low in cost, it is easy to find information on it. so patients can know all about the drug, its more effective then methadone dynamic quiz , none of the above,
8. Naltrexone is used to
it tastes good so people will want more of it, severe depression is a side effect, significant abuse potential when administered intravenously, all of the above,
9. One problem of benzodiazepines antabuse and naltrexone is
miltown, methadone, GHB, none of the above,