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FOA- Chapter 15

1. Methods of PCP administration are
rush, trip, fall, none of the above,
2. When smoked PCP is rapidly absorbed through the
by family phyicians, for social use, in veterinary medicine tool for teachers , in WW 2,
3. What is classified as a hallucinogen?
smoked, snorted teaching , injected, all of the above,
4. Ecstasy is also known as
GI tract, liver, lungs, kidney,
5. MDMA has also been reported to cause
ecstasy, popper, upper, none of the above,
6. Symptoms of an MDMA overdose include
tachycardia, panic attacks, jaw clenching, all of the above,
7. Characteristics of LSD are
anxiety, visual hallucinations results history , eye-rolling, all of the above,
8. Users often refer to teh effects of LSD as a
meprobamate, mescaline, methylphenidate, nethcathinone,
9. On the streets, MDMA is called
prancing pill, %22dance making%22 drug, superman, %22good lov%27n%22 pill,