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Chapter 3 Etiology Theories

1. According to the INtegrated theory there are interactive influences of the individual , which is not considered an influence.
Male members of AA, Alcohol, cannabis, a and b,
2. Integreated theory states that
is universally accepted, c and d, Treats addictions from a medical view point, treatment is AA,
3. Understanding the etiology of any disease or condition is essential for
It causes the individual to build up tolerance to the chemical because it could be fatal, It is often progressive crossword maker , It%27s a primary disease, It is marked by the inability to control the use of drugs,
4. Jellinek%27s study from the disease model , focused only on
Addiction is a single gene, Involves several genes, Evidence of genetic predisposition to alcoholism is growing, both b and c,
5. Alcoholism and other drug addictions appear to be
Creating the same family, Balancing and maintaining the family system, creating new family dynamics, All of the above,
6. Which is not one of the concepts of addiction
No theory is correct, they are all correct, no single theory offers a complete explanation, some theories are correct where others are not, none of the above,
7. Biological and Genetic Theory states
physical, familial, emotional, vocational,
8. How is behaviour understood
By internal factors, By external factor4s active teaching , Both internal and external factors, None of the above,
9. The disease Model/Medical Modell
Similiar in most ways, Similiar in some ways while different in others , Different in all ways, Depends on the drug of use,