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Earth Science Vocabulary Rock Cycle

Mechanical weathering, Chemical weathering, Intrusive igneous rock e-learning , Sediment, Igneous Rock, Frost or ice wedging, Lithification, Rock cycle, Weathering, Hydrolysis, Deposition, Magma, Lava, Sedimentary Rock, Metamorphic rock, Exfoliation, Extrusive igneous rock, Erosion, Clastic, Oxidation,

Melted rock found beneath the Earth%27s surface., Rocks formed by the deposition of sediment on the Earth%27s surface. , Rock formed by the cooling of magma web tool , Chemical reaction of water with other substances., Rocks formed from other types through heat and pressure., Igneous rock that is formed and solidified on the surface of Earth, Rock and material fragments broken off during weathering., Igneous rock that is formed inside the Earth%27s crust., When sediments are laid down on the ground. web 2.0 , Process by which rocks are broken down withoud changes, Magma that flows onto the surface of the Earth, Chemical reaction of water with outher substances. web 2.0 , The repeated freezing and thawing of water in rocks, Transformation of sediment into rock by compaction, Continuous process by which rocks are changed, General process for the break down of rocks on surface., Process when outer layers of rocks are stripped away quiz builder , Solid particles deposited on the Earth%27s surface by weathering., Process by which rocks undergo changes in composition., The removal and tranport of weathered material,