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Earth Science Vocabulary 1

Biodiversity, Erosion, Agriculture, Hydrosphere, Deforestation, Oceanography, Mining, Geology, Forestry, Urbanization, Lithosphere prepare quiz , Atmosphere crossword maker , Astronomy, Biosphere, Reclamation, Meteorology,

The removal of a forest, converting the land to other use., All the water in the Earth%27s Oceans, lakes, seas, and rivers., All of the Earth%27s organisms and the environments where they live., The study of the materials which make up the Earth, The cultivation of animals and plants to benefit human life., The study of the Earth%27s oceans , The study of the objects beyond the Earth%27s atmosphere, The removal and transport of weathered material, The blanket of gases surrounding the Earth, Process by which mining companies restore land, The study of the atmosphere which surrounds the planet. teaching , The science of managing and conserving forests., The extraction of valuable minerals from the Earth., A measure of the variety of organisms in an environment., The incresing number of people moving from rural to urban areas., The Earth%27s rigid outer shell, including the crust ,