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Work, Power, and Machines Vocabulary

Screw interactive learning , Fulcrum, Wedge, Efficiency, Work language , Output force, Compound machine, Ideal mechanical advanage, Inclined plane, Machine, Input force, Pulley, Joule, Lever, Mechanical advantage, Watt multiple choice questions , Power, 1 Horsepower, Wheel and axle,

The rate of doing work (work/time)., The number of times a machine increases the input force. assess performance , A device that changes the size, direction, or distance of force, The mechanical advantage in the absence of friction., Force exerted by a machine., Thefixed point around which a lever rotates., The percentage of work input that becomes work output. create online activities , A rigid bar that is free to move around a fixed point, 746 Watts, A V-shaped object whose sides are two inclined planes., The product of force times distance (F x d)., An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder., A slanted surface along which a force moves, The standard unit used to measure power., A simple machine consisting of a rope fitted in the groove of wheel., The work exerted on a machine., A combination of two or more simple machines., The standard unit used to measure work., Two attached disks or cylinders of different sizes.,