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Motion Vocabulary

meters/second or meters per second, Speedweb page, Velocity, Acceleration, Friction, Vector, Force, Newton, Sliding friction, Distance, Static friction, Rolling friction, Acceleration due to gravity, Gravity, Meter, Displacement,

The standard unit used to measure force., The length of a path between two points., A push or a pull that acts on an object., The distance an object moves divided by time, An attractive force between any two objects. test , A change in speed, direction, or both., The standard unit to measure speed., The standard unit used to measure distance., The length of a straight line from starting point to the ending point, 9.8 meters per second squared, Force that acts on rolling objects., A force that opposes the motion of objects that touch., A quantity which has a direction associated with it. distance learning , A description of both speed and direction of motion., Friction force that acts on objects that are not moving., Force that opposes the motion of an object as it slides,