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Week 19 Review

ratio, Are these ratios equal: 3/6, 2/4, Cross multiplication, Equivalent Ratios, Write 0.23 as a percent. , Write 43%25 as a fraction., There are 30 marbles and 10 are red., Find the missing value: 2/5=6/x, Proportion, Write 78%25 as a decimal., Do the ratios form a proportion: 4/5, 8/10?, Write 3/5 as a percent. , There are 12 boys and 25 students in class., Find the missing value: x/8=2/4 , What percent is 5 out of 50? educational games , Do the ratios form a proportion: 3/4, 9/10?,

15, a relationship between two different things, 2 equal fractions, an equation stating two ratios or rates are equal, no, 10%25, 10/30, 12/25, 4, 43/100, 0.78, 23%25, multiplying two ratios diagonally to discover if they are equal, Equivalent, yes, yes, 60%25,