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WOW 11,12,13 (slider)

1. Musikanlage
sound system, whistle, amazing, artist
2. feiern
to celebrate, to grow printable , to hide, to hurt
3. (Triller)Pfeife
whistle, ever, ready, weekly
4. bereit
ready, somewhere, driver, ever
5. learning sich ansehen
to take a look, to grow up, to change, to hear
6. wöchentlich
weekly, weakly, weeklie, weaklie
7. erwachsen werden
to grow up, to grow, to hurt, to hide
8. Fahrer
driver, guide, lawyer, pilot
9. Dedektiv
detective, officer, housekeeper, scientist
10. Pilot
pilot, whistle, housekeeper, to practise
11. Arzt/Ärztin
doctor, to grow up, lawyer, amazing
12. Journalist
journalist, artist, lawyer, whistle
13. Künstler
artist, guesthouse, pilot, to practise
14. Ich würde gerne ...
I%27d like to, rubbish, to change, crowd
15. brennen
to burn, sound system, bright, somewhere
16. jemals
ever, free, artist, factory
17. (sich) verstecken
to hide, huge, weekly, to learn
18. wachsen
to grow, to afford, bank account, to hear
19. hören
to hear educational games , ever, I%27d like to, historical
20. verletzen, weh tun
to hurt, to celebrate, guide, crowd
21. lernen
to learn, free, safe, to fall asleep
22. geschichtlich
historical, to hurt, towards, bank account
23. Taschengeld
pocket money, to celebrate, to take a look, safe
24. online education Bankkonto
bank account, somewhere, guide, to hurt
25. Mitte/Zentrum
centre, huge, guide, to hide
26. interactive learning üben
to practise teacher , lawyer online education , weekly, to take a look
27. Grieche/Griechin/Griechisch
Greek, guesthouse, journalist, artist
28. Öffnungszeiten
opening times, So what?, huge, guesthouse
29. Menschenmenge
crowd, whistle, to hurt, basic
30. Gästehaus, Pension
guesthouse, towards, sound system, to hear
31. mix questions sich leisten
to afford, factory, somewhere, to change
32. grundlegend
basic, to hurt, to smell, rubbish
33. Rechtsanwalt
lawyer, pocket money, housekeeper, ever
34. Haushälterin
housekeeper, weekly, basic, detective
35. kostenlos
free, pocket money, to hide, to burn
36. Fabrik
factory, opening times, to grow up, journalist
37. Na und?
So what?, ever, ready, to smell
38. Müll
rubbish, to hear, centre, to practise
39. wechseln, umsteigen
to change, to burn, to practise, huge
40. sicher
safe, whistle, pocket money, So what?
41. Reiseführer
guide, free, to fall asleep, guesthouse
42. riechen/stinken
to smell, bank account, to grow, to burn
43. einschlafen
to fall asleep, pilot, housekeeper, to learn
44. in Richtung
towards, to fall asleep, doctor, pilot
45. irgendwo
somewhere, bank account, doctor, rubbish
46. riesig
huge, basic, pocket money, weekly
47. erstaunlich, großartig
amazing, factory, to hide, to practise