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Beginner Spreadsheet Terms

Start by dragging 1 domino to the top. Then match the definition. Red text will match with black text. You can match either the left or right side.

Active Cell, A line graph, Columns, Horizontal Axis online , Cell Address, Spreadsheet, Vertical Axis, putting words in to a cell, They call it a column graph, Putting numbers in a cell, Rows online , Circle Graph, Cell, Alphabetizing a list, To have it do math you need these, Legend,

inserting labels quiz builder , Sorting, Outlined in blue, Little Boxes, a graph that creates a line, Labeled with letters, Key that lets you know what the colors in a graph mean, Labeled by numbers, Pie Chart educational activities , formulas, inserting values, We call it a bar graph create online activities , program used to organize data quiz builder , Location of a specific cell, such as B4, Up and Down axis, usually on the left, Left to right axis, usually along the bottom,