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Astronomy/Biosphere Vocabulary Part Two

Biome, Precession, Biodiversity, Barycenter, Luna, Saturn, Venus, Constellation, Biosphere, Uranus, Nutation, Carrying capacity, Sol, Abiotic factors, Biotic factors, Comets, Nebula, Jupiter, Ellipse,

Small, icy objects which orbit the sun., Kepler%27s first law states that planets orbit the sun in this shape, All of the living things in an environment, The second planet from the sun., A group of stars, usually arranged in patterns., Contiguous areas with similar climactic conditions, The number of organisms an environment can support, The official name of our moon., A cloud of interstellar gas and dust., A wobbling motionin the axis of a rotating body. quiz builder , A change in the orientation of the rotation axis over time., The center of mass betwen two objects in orbit, The official name of our sun., The total variety and number of plant and animal species., The fifth planet form the sun; also the largest., All of the Earth%27s organisms and the environments where they live., The sixth planet from the sun, known for its impressive rings., All of the non-living things in an environment, The seventh planet from the sun,