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Astronomy/Biosphere Vocabulary Part One

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When a planet or moon moves around another., Theory that the universe began as a single point in time and space, Process by which an atomic nucleus is split into two, A celestial body that orbits another; a moon, The third planet from the sun; the %22blue planet.%22, When two atomic nuclei combine to form one, releasing energy., Space debris which falls into the atmosphere; a shooting star, The spinning of a planet around its axis; equals one day., A massive, glowing ball of gas held together by gravity., A former planet now described as a dwarf planet., The 8th and farthest planet from the sun., A type of energy exhibiting wave-like behavior, Solid objects in space that have the potential to form planets., The transfer of heat through electromagnetic waves, The transfer of heat by circular movements or currents, The fourth planet from the sun; the %22red planet.%22 teacher , The remains of a meteor which strikes the ground., Transfer of heat which occurs when two objects touch,