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Unit 4 Review

Choose any domino to start and drag it to the top of the screen. Answer the question, and find the domino with that answer! It will give you your next question. Good luck!!

A week has this many days in it, Two weeks after Dec. 7th is..., A time you would be eating breakfast, A month with 30 days, Would you use inches, yards, or miles to measure length of a room?, A time you would be eating dinner , You bake a cake for 30 min starting at 1:00 It will be done at..., Quarter %27til 1, Half past 3, Quarter after 1, One week before December 14th is ... online quizzes , A month with 31 days, You start running at 3:00 and go for 45 minutes. The time now is.., Which is smallest: inches, yards, or miles?, Which is larger: a quart or cup?, Which is smaller? a cup or a gallon,

12:45, August, 1:30 elearning , Quart, April, 1:15, yards, 7, inches, 6 am, December 21st, 3:45, 6 pm, cup, 3:30, December 7th,