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Endangered Species

1. Slash and burn agriculture and illegal mining has decimated this Madagascar character to fewer than 150. What is it?
Chimpanzee, Pygmy three-toed sloth, Indian elephant, Orangutan,
2. Pollution and the destrucion of wetlands has made this asian reptile virtually extinct. Only 4 are known to exist.
bat.jpg, , ,
3. This species is often poached and hunted for its horn. Only 250 remain in Malaysia and Indonesia. What is it?
Seychelles sheath-tailed bat, Red Robin, Bald eagle, Vampire pelican,
4. This cousin of the gazelle competes with cattle for grazing, thus farmers often shoot them. Less than 1,000 continue to exist in Kenya. What is it?
chameleon.jpg, , quiz generator ,
5. No, it is not the Lorax. Hunting and deforestation has reduced the numbers of this Vietnamese primate to fewer than 250.
Scandinavian tree mouse, Earthworm, Bullfrog, Tarzan%27s chameleon,
plantthingy.jpg, educational activities , ,
7. While your neighbor may keep a similar species as a pet, and some scientists use them for experiments, only 40 to 60 of this wild variety of the species is known to exist. They are often hunted for food.
Wild turkey, Wild yam, Australian cranberry, South African peanut,
spoon bill.jpg, web page, ,
9. A measure of the amount of animal and plant species in a given location is also known as:
Spoon billed sandpiper, New Zealand pelican, Ocean cardinal, Salt Lake seagull,
iguana.jpg, , ,
11. The maximum population size of the species that the environment can sustain indefinitely, given the food, habitat, water and other necessities available in the environment is also known as the:
Indian python, Cuban tortoise generate answer keys , Jamaican iguana, King crab,
12. Due to deforestation and illegal logging, this tree is thought to be the most endangered plant species on Earth. Only 4 are known to remain.
gazelle.jpg, quiz builder , class website ,
Hirola, African elephant, Snow leopard, Wild cow of Bora Bora,
14. These rare meat-eating plants are not science fiction. Deforestation in the Philippines has made this oddity almost extinct. What is it?
arrirpe.jpg, english , ,
15. Invasive vegetation has decimated this mammal%27s natural food source. Less than 100 remain. What is it?
Great horned owl, Yellow-footed canary, Flamingo, Araripe manakin,
16. Wild cats have almost decimated this rodent species specific to a Japanese island. What is it?
guinea pig.jpg, , print quizzes ,
Miniature sheep, Santa Catarina guinea pig, Aruban gerbil, Christmas cactus,
18. This rare species of mammals is often caught in fishing nets in the Gulf of California. Only 200 are thought to remain. What is it?
sumatran rhiino.jpg, , english ,
19. The building of dams along South American rivers has deastated this amphibians habitat. What is it?
Wild malaysian boar, Asia hippopotamus, Indian elephant, Sumatran rhino,
euporbia.jpg, online , educational activities ,
21. What biome do we live in in North Carolina?
Euphorbia tanaensis, California redwood, North Carolina dogwood, Hawaiin palm tree,
amsterdam albatross.jpg, , ,
Amsterdam albatross, Albuquerque albatross, Atlanta albatross, Australian albatross,
24. Wildfires and predators have almost eradicated this shelled reptile. What is it?
geometric tortoise.jpg, , ,
Geometric tortoise, Arizona armadillo, Great horned frog, Snapping turtle,
26. Invasive species have almost eradicated this Australian fish. What is it?
monkey.jpg, , ,
27. This Australian bird is often trapped along with other birds when it spends the winter in Bangladesh. Only 500 are thought to remain.
Great panda, Red panda, South african chimpanzee, Tonkin snub-nosed monkey,
bullocks false toad.jpg, , ,
Bullock%27s false toad, Green gecko, Saint Augistine salamandar, King cobra,
pitcher plant.jpg, , create online activities ,
31. No, it%27s not the Geico gecko. But Sherwin William%27s has been using a cousin of this color-changing endangered species for its TV commercials. What is it?
English rose, Attenborough%27s pitcher plant, Kudzu, Venus flytrap,
Vaquita.jpg, print quizzes , ,
33. These birds are often caught in fishing nets in the Indian Ocean, though it is named for a city in Europe.
Californea condor, Baja flounder, Vaquita porpoise, Cajun catfish,
luristan newt.jpg, , ,
Luristan newt, Blue crab, Swiss toad, Australian ridgeback,
36. The illegal collection of these amphibians for the pet trade has rendered the wild population nearly extict. What is it?
bamboo lemu.jpg, , ,
Greater bamboo lemur, Galapagos penguin, Tree hanging sloth, Meercat,
38. Less than 500 of this species is known to exist due the destruction of mangrove forests. What is it?
softshell tortoise.jpg, , educational games ,
39. At last count, only 529 of these birds are known to exist due to deforestation and water diversion for human use. What is it?
Anaconda, Cuban crocodile, Indian alligator, Soft-shelled tortoise,
okinawa spiny rat.jpg, , ,
41. Which biome contains the most biodiversity?
Okinawa spiny rat, Wallaby, Narwhal educational activities , West Indian woodmouse,
42. Predators and deforestation have almost completely decimated this reptile. What is it/
red finned blue eye.jpg, , ,
the blue-finned red-eye, the yellow-finned red-eye, the yellos-finned blue-eye, the red-finned blue-eye,
44. Which of the following human activities can often lead to the extinction or reduction in plant and animal species. Check all that apply.
Deforestation, Hunting and poaching., Over fishing., Dam building,
Carrying capacity, Biodiversity create online quizzes , Biotic factors, Abiotic factors,
46. Only 500 of this plant, used to make medicine, is known exist today. A cousin of this species may be used to make pies at Thanksgiving. What is it?
Carrying capacity, Biodiversity, Biotic factors, Abiotic factors,
the sun, predators build your own quiz , bacteria, insects,
Rain forest, Tundra, Desert, Deciduous forest,
49. Which of the following is NOT a biotic factor in an ecosytem?
Rain forest, Tundra, Taiga, Grasslands,