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Placement Test

Choose the correct answer

1. You# press this button. It%27s very dangerous.
Italy, Italian, the Italy,
2. My name# Richard Smith
She, Hers, Her,
3. We# three factories in Poland.
Who, What, How,
4. This software isn%27t as easy to use# the other one.
produces, employs multiple choice questions , employer,
5. The two companies plan to form a joint#.
has, have, are,
6. English# all over the world.
do, doesn%27t, don%27t,
7. I# the office actually. Can I call you back tomorrow?
Can, Are class web page , Does,
8. James is away,#?
is, are, has,
9. I deal# customers every day.
Do, Could, Would,
10. There# four airports in the city.
for, in, with,
11. We need to# a solution to this problem.
available, appoint, arrange,
12. # you spell that, please
cheap, cheaper, cheapest,
13. If we changed the colour, we# more.
attend, make, find,
14. I%27ll call you back as soon as I# something.
are you working on, do you work on, did you work on,
15. #company is Microsoft.
think, agree, feel,
16. Do you know what time# ?
seat, platform, gate,
17. Do you work for an English company? No, I # .It%27s French
busy, fast, time,
18. I have a# schedule this week.
sent, send, sended,
19. I%27m surprised he%27s late. He%27s normally so#.
sorry, afraid, apologize,
20. My favourite perk in my job is# .
joined, did you join, did you joined,
21. # you like a coffee? We can have it now.
place, buy, quote,
22. I #him recently.
told, %27m going to tell, %27m telling,
23. Your visitor# for over an hour. He’s in your room now.
speaks, has spoken, is spoken help students assimilate material ,
24. Our products are# than our main competitor%27s.
reach, meet, get,
25. I%27m# ,but she%27s not here today.
didn%27t see, haven%27t seen, don%27t see,
26. I seem to have run #of money. Can you lend me some?
lets, allows, gets,
27. # the delays with the trains, we all arrived on time.
as, than, more,
28. Did you# the deadline?
%27m hearing, %27ll hear, hear,
29. How do you# about that idea?
mustn%27t, don%27t have to online learning games , needn%27t,
30. The new system# me focus on more important jobs.
is waiting, has waited quiz generator , has been waiting,
31. What# on at the moment?
venture, forces, alliance,
32. He# to leave the company by his boss.
sell, %27ll sell school , %27d sell,
33. Our most# customer has been with us for over 25 years.
breakthrough, prototype, invention,
34. The plane leaves form# eighteen.
%27s been asked, %27s asked, asked build your own quiz ,
35. BMW# cars.
hard-working, patient, punctual,
36. # speak to them about our idea earlier today?
left, %27d just left, was just leaving,
37. Let%27s # up a list of action points
Although, Even though, Despite,
38. I’m from #.
my salary, my company car, the over time,
39. When they have finished making the first#, we can do some tests on it.
isn%27t he, doesn%27t he, is he,
40. Can we# a meeting?
out, ahead, with,
41. Can I# an order for 22 chairs?
across, in, up,
42. She%27s# you an email.
Were you able to, Did you succeed in, Did you manage?,
43. When# join the company?
loyal, attentive online quizzes , kind,
44. # are you? Very well, thanks
is it, it is, does it,
45. First of all, I#you a bit about the company.
take, draw interactive , set,