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Meteorology, Atmosphere, Climate Change vocabulary

Humidity, Ice Age, Winter Solstice, Wladimir Koeppen, Humid Subtropical, Low Pressure System, Fossil Fuels educational activities , Equinox, Asia, Greenhouse Gas, Europe, Nitrogen, Troposphere, Climate, High Pressure System, North America, Carbon dioxide, land breeze, Savanna, Dew Point, Tundra, jet stream, Mesosphere test , El Nino, Topography ESL , sea breeze, Nitrous oxide, Methane, 7, Occluded Front, Weather, 1.4 degees Fahrenheit,

The continent on which we live, A frozen wasteland with minimal vegetation, A day with equal amounts of day and night, A warm front trapped between two cold fronts, Short-term conditions such as temperature, precipitation, A breeze at night, from land to sea, The most common gas inthe atmosphere, The longest night of the year, The layer of the atmosphere closest to the surface, Middle layer of the atmosphere where meteors burn, Thin ribbon of rapidly moving air, The average rise in surface temperature over past 100 years, Gases which are important in regulating the temperature, Coal, Natural Gas, Oil, Gasoline, Wide open grasslands usually found in tropical areas, Developed climate classification system, The largest continent, The temperature at which water condenses from atmosphere interactive learning , The smallest continent, Gas produced by cows, The number of days until Winter Break, The most important greenhouse gas interactive learning , An unusally warm ocean current near South America, The shape and contours of land, The amount of water vapor in the air, A breeze during the day, from sea to land activity , Our climate zone in North Carolina, Weather system where cold air is sinking elearning , A drop in global temperature, causing ice caps to advance, Weather system where warm air is rising quiz , Gas produced by use of agricultural fertilizers, Long-term weather conditions at a given location,