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Midterm Review - Government

tyranny, Mauryan Empire, independent city-states, pyramids, oligarchy, colony grading , citizens, Confucianism crossword maker , Persian Empire, Draco and Solon, theocracy, Mandate of Heaven, monarchy, Gupta Empire, polis, democracy learning ,

empire known for tolerance, Zoroastrianism, and imperial bureaucracy, Indian empire known as the %22Golden Age%22, form of Greek government that formed because of geography, term for a Greek city-state, divine Egyptian rulers were buried here, free men in the Greek polis who participated in government, rule by a small group, like in Sparta, government by religious leaders matching excercise , Indian empire known for Buddhism, free hospitals, and roads, rule by a king; the first kind of government in Athens, government where people make decisions by debate and votin, two tyrants in Greece who made reforms quiz builder , far away land governed by a city-state or empire, Chinese belief that an emperor is divine and can rule as long as he is just, a Chinese idea for social order based on respect and education, the third form of government in Athens,