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PDU 8 Vocabulary Unit 1

Match the definition with the correct word.

Customary, Titles, Table manners, Etiquette, Refrain, Promptly, Cultural Literacy, Impolite, Slacks, Small talk, Offensive, Ask about proper adress people, Be on a first-name basis, Punctiality, Taboo, Pagers,

Usual or traditional in a particular culture, The habit of being on time, Not polite, Extremely rude or impolite, Avoid, Electronic devices, Dressing pants for women, Ask people how would they like to be called, Rules of polite behavior when eating with other people, Knowing about and respecting the culture of others, Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss, On time, Punctual, Not allowed because of very strong cultural or religious rules, Rules for polite behavior in society or a particular group, Informal conversation about things that are not important, Avoid using titles and adress people for their first names,