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microscope, hyperactive, hyperventilate, microfilm, megalopolis, megabyte, superego, hypersensative, superhighway, microbe, supermarket, megahit distant learning , superpower, megadose, superhero, hypercritical class web page , superhuman, microwave, superstar crossword maker , megaphone, hyperbole, microsurgery, microbus, microcosm,

a famous or popular celebrity, someone who fights crime distant learning , to be overly critical, the part of your personality representing your conscience, a highway used for high speeds, to breathe abnormally fast, a microorganism, a huge city, to be extremely active, a power that usually superheroes have, a small bus, a device used to look at micro organisms or small objects, an extreme exaggeration, a film that is very successful, one million bytes, a film with a miniature version of documents, a little world, a cone shaped device used to project your voice, to be stronger and overall better than a normal human, a large store that sells food and other household goods, to be extremely sensative dynamic quiz , an electronic device used for heating up food, a dose larger than a regular amount, surgery performed underneath a microscope active teaching ,