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intrigue, dialog class web page , gauge, guitar online activities , fatigue, strong, tongue, iceberg, guest, argue, ladybug class website , zigzag, vague, league, language active teaching , plague, guess, guard, guide, catalog, shrug, guilty,

someone who assists you to travel to a destination, to be powerful, the moveable organ in your mouth language , a devastating disease, a enormous block of ice, a six stringed instrument, to be extremely tired, not very clear, a motion of moving your shoulders up , to feel bad, a body of words used for different countries and nations, to arouse the curiosity create online activities , the conversation between two or more people, a list, or record, someone welcomed into your dwelling, to state reasons against, in a back and forth pattern, a red bug with black spots educational games , to predict, a protector, to determine with instruments, an association of individuals,