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Read the texts below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.

lately, ever, currently, yet,
inspiring, inevitable, questionable, uplifting,
limelight, floodlight online , headlight educational games , flashlight,
opportunities, interpretations, conclusions, ovations,
went, bounded, stood, leapt,
mouth, throat, neck, face,
adapted, admired, animated, initiated,
notes, script, score, cue,
, ,
on, by teaching , with, to,
networking, permeating, nagging, exposing,
fallible, unassailable, visual, uncontrollable,
saying, speaking, talking, commenting,
put down, censored, broken down, eroded,
prededence, collaboration, reinforcement, consideration,
risk, concern, regard, threat,
, ,
refuse, relegate, refrain, reject,
irregular, infrequent, scarce, rare,
20. BOARDROOM CHANGES After five hours, we realised that we had reached (47) _____ in the meeting. Everyone was (48) _____, indicating that they were bored and restless. Would we never come to a solution? We had been (49) _____ moved by the statement from the Chairman of the charity, who had to resign, but none of us could agree who should take over his job. I was (50) _____ aware that the job was not an easy one and I certainly didn’t want to undertake the role. Although I was (51) _____ capable of doing the job, I didn’t think I could have the same commitment that he had had. He had been an (52) _____ appointment at the beginning with his unlikely background and experience in banking. At first we had walked on (53) _____ for fear of upsetting him and triggering off his legendary temper, but he had proved to be an excellent leader as well as a sensitive human being. And, with remarkable (54) _____, he managed to encourage a lot of large companies to support the charity. In fact we were (55) _____ by their generosity – but now that he was stepping down there was no one to fill his shoes. None of us has his (56) _____ or determination and drive and he would be a hard act to follow.
disbelieving, unbelieavable, inconceivable, questionable,
head, mind, wits, brain,
stock, stork, stack, stick,
except, assent, accept, expect,
associate, compare, correlatestimulate your students , evaluate,
25. AN OASIS IN THE CITY The Culpeper Community Garden standing in (34) _____ of place in the middle of a busy part of London is enjoyed and looked after by the local community. With its pathways, pergolas (35) _____ with beautiful climbers, ornamental plants, vegetable plots, ponds and wildlife, the (36) _____ is one of an oasis of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a place where both children and adults can chill out and have a change of (37) _____. The project started in 1982 when the local government gave a small grant to the local community to transform a derelict piece of land filled with rubbish into the open space it is today. Various events are organised throughout the year from selling plants to tea parties for local pensioners – giving them a chance to get (38) _____ the house for a few hours – and arts projects for children. There is a membership scheme where, for a small annual subscription, people can get the newsletter to stay (39) _____ of the activities going on in the garden, use the tea hut, have keys to the garden or get involved in the (40) _____ task of gardening – no previous experience required! If anyone ever tried to take the garden away from the people, it would definitely cause a public (41) _____.
hard and fast, thick and thin, long and short, ups and downs,
, ,
crowded, barren, dense, mountainous,
scheduled, programmed, home, package,
negotiated, marched, strode, pursued,
30. AN AUTHOR’S LIFE Mark Stringly, widely acclaimed as one of the decade’s most successful young authors, is (1) _____ writing his tenth novel. It is based on an old family myth that his great-grandfather had discovered hidden treasure on his plantation in the West Indies. Ever since Mark heard the story it was (2) _____ that one day he would write about it. Mark is rarely interviewed as he hates being in the (3) _____. As a result, people have jumped to many (4) _____ about him, most of which are incorrect. So, when he agreed to let me interview him last month for a television documentary I was doing about the origins of story writing, I (5) _____ at the chance. However, when I suggested that his great-great-grandfather might have been a pirate, he jumped down my (6) _____ and ordered me not to print any such thing as it was totally incorrect. His last book has now been (7) _____ for the big screen although he has not written the script for it. Surprisingly, though, he has written the musical (8) _____, as he is also an accomplished musician, a secret he had managed to keep from the public until now.
humid, quaint, bustling, lush,
resort, attraction, route, site,
path, track, road educational games , trail,
sharp, far, long, hard,
confidential, resilient, privileged, desolate,
diminished, diverged, diluted, dissented,
excursion, travel, outing, trip,
, ,
greatness, pride, peak, sense,
adorned, beautified, embroidered, embossed,
environment, background, situation, ambience,
backdrop, scenery, panorama, outlook,
away, down to, out of, over,
beside, nearby, alongside, abreast,
invigorating, oscillating, boosting, enhancing,
property, display, outcry, demand,
, ,
frontispiece, perspective, facade, screen,
elevated, plumb, horizontal, perpendicular,
transparency, buoyancy, scenery, simplicity,
50. READING CAN MESS WITH YOUR LIFE Literature can seriously damage your health. I (83) _____ this for a fact, because a book once broke my nose. I was wandering along the King’s Road, reading a particularly absorbing novel as I went, when – Bang! – I (84) _____ a lamppost and busted my nose. If I’d had my (85) _____ about me, I would have grabbed the nearest picture of Catherine Deneuve and rushed into casualty shouting, ‘Help! Send for a plastic surgeon. I’ve broken my nose and it used to look exactly like this!’ This is the secret trouble with reading. It looks so anodyne, compared with the brightly coloured attractions of cartoons or video games. But in its subversive way, it has far more potential to mess about with life. Unlike television or movies, which are too transient, too busy, too (86) _____, on the mediating presence of clumsy bits of mechanical equipment for one to feel a true intimacy with them (87) _____ many times they are replayed, books exist in a strange, symbiotic and rather disturbing (88) _____ with the human mind.
equilibrium, symmetryweb page, balance, stability,
diminished, undone interactive , dismantled, destroyed,
, ,
standstill, gridlock, standoff, stalemate,
fidgeting, jostling, staggering learning , negotiating,
perfectly, highly, entirely, deeply,
widely, painfully interactive learning , deeply, heavily,
perfectly, bitterly, widely, highly,
unbearable, unremarkable, incongruous, inconsolable,
seashells, nutshells, bombshells, eggshells,
endurance, persistence, hardship, ordeal,
61. HOW DO WE HELP OTHERS? According to some psychologists, we should (65) _____ our deeper motives when we attempt to help others who appear to be in need of our support. Helping others is clearly a good thing to do, and it can have a therapeutic (66) _____ on both giver and recipient. If, however, we begin to focus on what we might (67) _____ of helping someone, rather than how that person might be helped, we could be in (68) _____ of adopting a somewhat calculating attitude. This would be to (69) _____ weight to the ideas of those psychologists who believe that, ultimately, we only do things for our own (70) _____: that no actions are truly altruistic. And, of course, we can all think of examples of problems that have been (71) _____ by the well-intentioned, but ill-considered intervention of third parties. We should also (72) _____ in mind that doing too much for people and protecting them from the consequences of their actions can reduce their motivation and even rob them of the resources to (73) _____ things out for themselves.
overwhelmed, immersed, petrified, overwrought,
62. We went to the gallery of modern art last week. The gallery is housed in a building whose (42) _____ is a piece of artwork in itself. In the new exhibition, we saw Swain’s new painting, which is just (43) _____ lines in different colours stretching from the bottom to the top of the canvas. It seems to me that anyone could have done it! However the glass sculpture by Fidel was spectacular, its (44) _____ adding a different dimension to the piece as the blurred background is visible through it. I also loved its lack of (45) _____ as the light reflected off it in odd directions. At the end of the week the exhibition will be (46) _____ and moved from London to Paris.
purpose, challenge, stamina, estimation,
63. WORKING FROM HOME Today many people find that the pressure they have at work makes their jobs (57) _____ as they have to put their families totally in the background. So working from home, being more at the (58) _____ of your family rather than your current boss, has great appeal to many as they start up their own businesses from bedrooms or garages. But don’t just think about it. Now is the time to start, so (59) _____ while the iron’s hot. Providing you are disciplined in what you do, and (60) _____ the idea of working mostly alone and without the team (61) _____ engendered by working alongside others, then what’s stopping you? You gain far more flexibility as you can choose the working hours that suit you. You will still have to meet deadlines, but they are ones that you or customers have set. And if you are at a (62) _____ end during quiet times, you can go out and do things you couldn’t do before. But don’t get (63) _____ away with the idea of making millions. You’ll need to be determined and work hard to succeed, but it’ll (64) _____ off in the end.
, ,
untenable, inexcusable assess performance , indecisive, unreliable,
disposition, dispersal, discretion, disposal,
hit, strike, attack, punch,
incorporate, improve, enhance, embrace,
character, spirit, essence, core,
long, loose, slack, dead,
dragged, taken, carried, forced,
pay, make web 2.0 , start, work,
72. THE DIGITAL WORLD It seems that a large percentage of today’s population is addicted (9) _____ all forms of digital media and no one seems free of the (10) _____ phone that buzzes, rings or sings to its owners incessantly. Many people no longer trust their own (11) _____ memories and commit every detail of their lives to some digital device or other and are completely lost without it. Generally (12) _____, it is the younger generation who are so addicted, but more and more people seem to be having their way of life (13) _____ by the digital world. People ‘tweet’ the most mundane of matters as well as the most interesting – in their world, having a cup of coffee is as exciting as climbing Mount Everest! There is a grave danger that people are allowing technology to take (14) _____ over everything else in their lives. And in educational circles, (15) _____ is growing over the influence of social media, which seems to be adversely affecting students’ progress in some cases.
, ,
examine, delve, quiz, inquire,
outcome, result prepare quiz , upshot quiz generator , effect,
take away, get out class page , have back, come by,
peril, danger, risk, hazard,
lend, bestow, grant, confer,
aims, ideas, ends, favours,
irritated, deteriorated, antagonised, exacerbated,
call, bear, draw, fetch,
cope, resolve, tackle, sort,
, ,
83. JIBBITZ The (74) _____ was a familiar one: rainy afternoon, bored children, Mum scrabbling around for ways to amuse them. Sheri Schmeizer from Boulder, Colorado, (75) _____ through her sewing kit, found some silk applique flowers and beads, and started to tie, stick and glue them into the holes of her children’s Crocs, those ugly but (76) _____ practical plastic shoes with holes punched in the top. The kids thought the idea was really cool and coined the named ‘Jibbitz’ for the seemingly pointless adornments. By the time Sheri’s husband, Richard, came home from the office, the kids were happily (77) _____ over who was to have which shapes and colours, and arranging swaps. Seeing the kids so absorbed, Richard was quick to spot the business potential in the game that his wife had (78) _____ invented. Next day, he (79) _____ for all the relevant patents, trademarks and copyrights. In no time at all, with the children (80) _____ to secrecy, the couple had (81) _____ into their savings to set up a company. Within three years, Jibbitz had become a global craze and the company was (82) _____ $20 million.
scenario, occasion, backdrop, setting,
84. AN UNFORTUNATE INCIDENT I wish that people would (16) _____ from chattering non-stop when they are on public transport. It’s (17) _____ to complete a journey in total silence as there are usually several conversations going on at once and the noise can be (18) _____ as everyone shouts to be heard. Last week, as I tried to get off at my stop, the noise was so loud that the driver couldn’t hear the bell and he drove straight on. I tried to push my way through the standing passengers to get to the door and, failing to keep my (19) _____ about me, I caught my foot on a bag and fell flat on my face. Instead of helping me get back up, people started laughing. Mortified that I had become a laughing (20) _____, I got to the driver and started shouting at him to stop the bus. Unfortunately he saw me as a threat and radioed the transport office. He wouldn’t let me off the bus until the police arrived. While I (21) _____ that perhaps I was a little rude to him, he failed to take into account my distress at falling over and missing my stop. So now I (22) _____ public transport with one of the worst experiences of my life and the (23) _____ of it is that I will never catch a bus again.
sifted, rummaged, flicked, browsed,
solely, exclusively, singly, uniquely,
bickering, chattering, spluttering, wittering,
unconsciously, thoughtlessly, unwittingly, mindlessly,
requested, entered, filed, lodged,
89. As he hacked his way through the (24) _____ undergrowth, Richard Miles wondered why his boss couldn’t have sent him on a simple (25) _____ holiday. This African exploration was more than he had bargained for. As he (26) _____ deep ravines, treacherous river crossings, and dark forests full of (27) _____ vegetation, he asked himself why he hadn’t gone to a holiday (28) _____ where he could have lounged around by a pool all day. The chartered flight that would rescue them from the living nightmare was not due for three more days and he wasn’t even sure the pilot would find them so far off the beaten (29) _____. There were only animal pathways here, a (30) _____ cry from his (31) _____ life in the City of London. And as his hopes for returning back to civilisation (32) _____, his mobile phone rang. It was his boss checking to see how the (33) _____ was working out.
avowed, sworn, promised test , agreed,
dipped, delved, reached, scooped,
appreciated, wealthy, valued english , worth,
, ,
take, know, understand, get,
drew up, ran over invite students , bumped into, fell over,
wits, thoughts, ideas, brains,
needy, dependent, attached, trusting,
despite, although, no matter, however,
method, relation, relationship, way,