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at the toy shop, at the music shop, at the stationer%27s, at the sports shop, at the shoe shop, at the flower shop, at the butcher%27s, at the clothes shop, at the newsagent%27s, at the greengrocer%27s, at the baker%27s, at the bookshop, at the grocer%27s, at the jeweller%27s, at the pharmacy, at the IT shop,

tulips, roses and lilies, dresses, suits and skirts, buns, bread and white bread build your own quiz , computers, laptops and computer games, boots, slippers and shoes, dolls, toy cars and balloons, shampoo, make-up and medicine, pears, apples and cherries, magazines, newspapers and postcards, pens, rules and sharpeners, CDs, musical instruments and DVDs generate answer keys , dictionaries and children%27s books, sugar, coffee and tea invite students , trainers, track suits and swimming costumes, rings and jewels distance learning , sausage and meat ,