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Diets 2 (OWS I 17A)

Choose the right translation.

1. strata czasu
a waste of time ESL , plenty of exercise online quizzes , cut down on fats, going to the gym
2. niezdrowe jedzenie
junk food, fattening, snacks, cut down on fats
3. dużo wody
plenty of water crossword maker , to diet, going to the gym, a waste of time
4. trzymać się diety
keep up a diet, good for you / healthy, plenty of exercise, fizzy drinks
5. napoje gazowane
fizzy drinks, plenty of water, going to the gym, good for you / healthy
6. przekąski
snacks, bad for you / unhealthy, go on a diet, junk food
7. tuczące
fattening, plenty of exercise test , a balanced diet, snacks
8. zmniejszyć ilość tłuszczów
cut down on fats, to diet, junk food, put on weight
9. dużo ćwiczeń
plenty of exercise, fattening, bad for you / unhealthy, keep up a diet
10. zdrowe
good for you / healthy, cut down on fats, bad for you / unhealthy, to diet
11. niezdrowe
bad for you / unhealthy, plenty of water, going to the gym, put on weight
12. przybrać na wadze
put on weight, keep up a diet, fattening, fizzy drinks
13. dieta zrównoważona
a balanced diet, going to the gym, snacks, bad for you / unhealthy
14. chodzenie na siłownię
going to the gym, go on a diet, keep up a diet, put on weight
15. crossword maker być na diecie
to diet, fizzy drinks, snacks, keep up a diet