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OxWord I/17B/2 (Cooking)

Choose the correct translation.

1. bulion wołowy
beef stock, to stir, a large dish, to boil
2. łyżka mąki
a tablespoon of flour, to bake, to chop, a frying pan
3. obierać ze skórki
to peel, to boil, to fry, to stir
4. gotować (np. wodę)
to boil, minced beef, beef stock, to bake
5. utłuc (np. ziemniaki)
to mash, to add, to chop, to boil
6. posiekać
to chop, a frying pan, to peel, a tablespoon of flour
7. online quizzes smażyć na tłuszczu
to fry, to chop, minced beef, a tablespoon of flour
8. wymieszać
to stir, an oven, to fry, to add
9. dodać
to add, beef stock, to peel, to chop
10. duże danie
a large dish, to boil, a frying pan, a recipe
11. piec
to bake, beef stock, to mash, to peel
12. piekarnik
an oven computer assisted language learning , to chop, to bake, a frying pan
13. składnik
an ingredient, a frying pan, beef stock, a tablespoon of flour
14. przepis
a recipe, an ingredient, minced beef, to chop
15. patelnia
a frying pan, to fry, beef stock, to peel