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Diets 3 (OWS I 17A)

Find the word that fits all the blanks.

1. Just before bedtime he had a ___ of bread and cheese. Drinks and light ___s are served at the bar. I feel the need for another fattening ___. We are only allowed to bring fruit as ___s to school.
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2. They exist on a ___ of fish. Since his heart attack, Brice has been on a salt-free ___. The Italians have a good healthy ___ and lifestyle. The doctor told Tom to quit smoking and go on a ___.
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3. Try to fit some regular ___ into your daily routine. Working in an office, I don%27t get much ___. Most people need to do more ___. Let%27s walk. It%27ll be good ___.
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4. Try not to eat too much spicy ___. I love Italian ___, especially pasta. He eats a lot of junk ___ and doesn%27t get enough exercise. People are willing to pay more for organic ___.
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