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2014 Earth Science Midterm Review 2

Parallax, System educational games , Inferring, Model of Earth, Most Abundant Gas in Atmosphere, Accuracy, Scientist Rejects a Scientific Theory, Study of energy, motion, sound, light, electricitystimulate your students , Solar Wind, Different shapes of moon seen from Earth, Keeps Earth in Orbit, Evaporation, Estimate, Scientists class web page , Shows how responding variable changes, Star Birth,

Closeness of a measurement to its true value, Physical Science class website , Nitrogen, Come from all kinds of backgrounds, Inertia and gravity teacher , Line Graph, Process by which wator vapor enters atmosphere, New evidence contradicts theory save time , Comes from Sun%27s Corona class website , Group of parts that work together to carry out a function, Interpreting observations based on reasoning , Phases , Used when cannot obtain exact number, Globe, Apparent movement of star when seen in different spots, Star begins nuclear fusion,