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Like Terms %26 Distributive Property Review

Simplify each expression. Then, find it%27s answer.

4(3 %2b 7g), 2(3z %2b 6), 2(8%2b3t), 10(7j %2b 10), 10(4 %2b 6p), 4-1%2b4%2b12-7%2b15, 11y-1y%2b13-13%2b12y, 5y%2b9%2b14y-10y quiz generator , 10(8c %2b 5), 14x%2b3x%2b2x%2b0y, 12y^2%2b5y^2%2b10z, 8%2b6y-13z-2y%2b10, 4(9 %2b 10v), 1x%2b13x^3-7y%2b1x^3%2b5y online activities , 15-4%2b6, 5(4 %2b 4m),

36%2b40v prepare quiz , 40%2b60p, 70j%2b100 online learning games , 20%2b20m, 17, 12%2b28g, 19x, 27, 4y-13z%2b18, 9y%2b9 dynamic quiz , 22y, x%2b14x^3%2b12y, 17y^2%2b10z, 80c%2b50 prepare quiz , 6z%2b12 quiz generator , 16 %2b 6t,