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Introductory Photography - Quiz 1

You have 10 minutes to complete this test. You can attempt it only once. Good Luck.

1. The viewscreen above suggests the photograph will be underexposed. Which of the following is the best choice to correct the problem?
f2.8, f11, 125, f5.6,
out-of-focus.jpg, , ,
3. This picture is
Sharp, In Focus, Out of Focus, Well controlled,
4. The mode dial indicates the camera is:
viewscrn1.jpg, , teaching ,
The photograph will be well exposed, The shutter speed is too fast and the image will be over-exposed, The lens setting is wrong and the image will be shakey, The photograph will be underexposed and may be out of focus,
mode-dial.jpg, , ,
7. Consider the shot of the view screen above. Which sentence best describes the shutter speed.
In Auto Mode, is in Manual Mode, Is in Macro Mode, Is in Depeche Mode,
8. I saw this when I was looking in my view finder. Select the statements below that are true.
viewscrn8.jpg, , ,
The shutter will be open for 800 sseconds, The shutter speed is really slow - good for blurring moving objects, The shutter speed is quite fast - good for a sports action shot, The shutter speed is too fast and will damage the camera,
nokia-label-1.jpg, , online learning games ,
11. Any time you are carrying a camera, you should have the strap around your neck.
undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined,
viewscrn3.jpg, , ,
13. Consider the viewscreen above. Which sentence best fits what you see on the screen.
The Shutter speed is 1/60, The aperture is f13, The photograph will be underexposed, The battery still has a fair bit of use left in it.,
viewscrn6.jpg, , ,
15. In the image above, the Mode dial is set to:
This should result in a good exposure., The photograph will probably turn out all dark., This photograph will probably be washed out and bright., This is obviously a photograph of a horse.,
16. Look at the viewscreen above. Select the statements that are true.
viewscrn6.jpg, , ,
The aperture is 7.1 and the shutter speed is 1/60, The shutter speed is 7.1 and the aperture is 1/60, The shutter speed is 508 and the aperture is 800, The camera is in Auto Mode,
18. A camera is your ticket to go anywhere in the school at anytime.
viewscrn2.jpg, , ,
19. Look at the view screen above. What is the main problem with these settings?
The light meter suggests there is not enough light entering the camera, The light meter suggests there is too much light entering the camera, The shutter speed is too slow to get a good shot., The camera is in Macro Mode,
20. This is a picture of a camera aperture. Which of the following apertures do you think it is most likely to be
view-finder.jpg, , ,
21. Consider the image above. Which sentence best describes what the view screen is telling you?
The aperture is 60, The aperture is f5.6, The photograph will most likely be over-exposed, The Flash is activated,
viewscrn5.jpg, , ,
23. Take a look at the viewscreen above. Select the sentence that best fits what the screen is telling you.
Slow down the shutter speed to let more light in., Let more light in by changing the aperture to a lower number quiz generator , Let more light in by changing the aperture to a higher number, Make the shutter speed faster.,
mode-dial2.jpg, , ,
Manual Mode, Macro Mode, Auto Mode, Duck a la Mode,
lens18.jpg, , ,
An 18mm lens setting, A 55mm lens setting, Macro Mode, A DX Filter Mode,
28. The part labelled a is the
TRUE, FALSE create online quizzes , ,
30. a,Lens,b,Operate Switch,c,Shutter Button,d,Aperture Button,e,Mode Dial
nokia-label-2.jpg, , create online quizzes ,
Mode Dial, LCD Screen, USB socket, View Finder,
32. This camera is set to:
viewscrn4.jpg, , ,
33. Look at these camera settings. What is of most concern?
The Shutter Speed is quite slow and the photograph might be blurry, The Shutter Speed is too fast and the image may be under exposed, Their are too many images stored on the camera, The camera is running out of battery.,