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custody interactive learning , invitation, oppose, opposition, compose, serenity learning , admire, composition, define, admiration, competiton, definition, divine, Volcanic, reside, invite, divinity, compete help students assimilate material , custodian, conspiracy, serene, conspire, Volcano online quizzes , resident,

to verse someone, something where people compete against other people, to be godlike, someone who lives in a dwelling, to write a music piece test , to be divine, to ask someone to come, to be peaceful interactive , to invite someone , to be in someones power, the meaning of something, people you are against dynamic quiz , to be very peaceful, to admire someone; think highly, to think of highly, the exact meaning of something results history , to verse someone, a janitor, to plan agaisnt someone secretly, where more than two people conspire agaisnt someone, to dwell in , a music piece create online quizzes , a mountain that erupts lava, something that is like a volcano,