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predict, prehistoric, preposition, posttest, postdate, prefix, foretell, Prepare, forefathers, forethought, postwar, postseason, foresight tool for teachers , afterthought, prewar, foreman, foreword interactive , aftertaste multiple choice questions , precede, preseason, afternoon educational games , postpone, afterword language ,

thinking after, mid-day; after 12 PM online quizzes , after the date, to predict, to get ready, to move on, a word or group of words used with nouns, before war, after a test distance learning , to foretell; to think of in the future, after the season, before history, the addition before a word, a taste after you eat something, careful thinking, a section before the book starts not written by the author, final section of book, happening after war, before a season quiz , the member of the jury who is the leader, a father in your past, to predict what is going to happen in the future, to stall,