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Tegusõnade oleviku ja mineviku vormid.

Vali lünka sobiv tegusõna. Leia igast lausest sõna, mis aitab sul ajavormi valida.

1. Children often ... sledging in winter.
go, run, went, ran
2. Peter ... a snowman yesterday.
see, sees, make, made
3. We always ... snow angels in winter.
come, came educational games , make , made
4. Last week Sally ... a huge sledge in front of her house.
make, makes, see, saw
5. Boys often ... a snow fight after school.
have, has, build, bulit
6. My little sister always ... a snowman in winter.
make, makes, made, goes
7. In spring my friends often ... to school by bike.
go, goes, went, rides
8. Last night my parents ... skiing.
go, goes, went, come
9. How often do you ... snow castles?
come, came, build, built