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PYP 23/11 Dieting

What noun best fits all the gaps?

1. Before undergoing ___, patients should discuss the various options with their doctor. He%27s currently recovering from ___ on his right knee. Last year, she underwent ___ for breast cancer. She needed emergency ___ after the accident.
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2. Ice on the road is a major ___ at this time of the year. Malaria is a common ___ of life in the region. Serious lung disease seems to be an occupational ___ of working in mines. Steep stairs can present a particular ___ to older people.
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3. They%27ve changed the ___ of the whole building. We are often attracted to somebody first by their physical appearance. Women, in general, tend to be more concerned than men about their personal ___. She had an outward ___ of calm, but deep down she was really worried.
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4. Smoking can seriously damage your ___. Sara had to leave her job due to ill ___. He is 75 and in poor ___. A low-fat diet is better for your ___.
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5. A growing child needs proper ___. Calves rely on their mother%27s milk to provide ___. The foetus gets ___ via the mother%27s blood supply. The retreat gives me a kind of spiritual ___.
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