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PYP 23/3 Dieting

Choose the word that best completes the phrase/sentence.

1. to decrease the daily calorie
intake, lifted , decrease, hunger
2. to reduce the amount of superfluous
fat, deprivation, lifted , decrease
3. nutrients directly influence our
efficiency, intake, fat, lifted
4. due to various
factors, intake, fat, decrease
5. tool for teachers improper nourishment can cause prolonged
hunger, digestion, deprivation, decrease
6. it can lead to cardiac
arrest, lifted distant learning , factors, self-control
7. designed to free the body from unwanted
fat, deprivation, factors, decrease
8. it helps maintain a stable weight
level, factors, intake, fat
9. this reinforces
self-control, arrest, decrease, fat
10. this strengthens the habit of proper food
selection, deprivation, fat, decrease
11. the restrictions on the daily amount of calories are
lifted , substances, factors, efficiency
12. the calorific deficit begins to
decrease, fat, hunger, selection
13. they purify the human body of various toxic
substances, efficiency, selection, environment
14. they rid the body of by-products of
digestion, efficiency, hunger, self-control
15. various toxic substances absorbed from the
environment, selection, fat, self-control