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Find the Meaning of the Simile or Metaphor

I am a bear when I%27m hungry., The snow was a white blanket., My mom is a rose., I was sleeping like a log., I am a hungry hippo., They fight like cats and doge., The students are shining stars., She is as quiet as a mouse., You%27re as cold as ice., Her skin is ivory., My teacher is a dragon.web page, They are day and night., I am as full as a tick., She is as sweet as candy., They are two peas in a pod., He is as brave as a lion.,

Her skin is white and smooth., Mom is beautiful., I really want something to eat., She does not make very much noise., I ate too much and feel like I could burst., The students are very smart., They do not get along very well., He is very courageous., They are very different., I could not wake up because I was sleeping so well., She is really friendly., You are not warm at all., I am not very kind when I want to eat., The snow covered everything., She is not vey nice., They are very similar.,