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ch5 and 6

1. The Ryan-Joiner test is one of several formal tests of normality
2. Table A-2 is used to find p(z%3c=a) only
mean, median web 2.0 , mode, none of the above,
3. Sample means don%27t target the value of the population mean.
4. A uniform distribution has a bell-shape with total area equal one .
5. An example of discrete random variable is the number of eggs
region/distance, area/mean, distance/region, none of the above,
6. In the standard normal distribution the mean equal =0 and the S.D equal 1
TRUE, FALSE, online learning games ,
7. the distribution of the sample means approaches a normal distribution as the sample size decreases.
8. distribution of all values of that statistic when all possible samples of the same size are taken from the same population is the difinition of:
probability distribution, normal distribution, standard normal distribution, Sampling distribution of a statistic,
9. The expected value of a discrete random variable is denoted by E and it represents the ........ of the outcomes.
10. binomial probability distribution results from a procedure that meets
standard deviation, proportions, mode, median,
11. Binomial probability distributions is a special kind of probability distribution
12. Sampling with replacement results in events that are independant
standard deviation, range, median, all of the above,
13. In the Central Limit Theorem the mean of the sample means is the population mean and the S.D is the population S.D(standard deviation).
TRUE, FALSE, build your own quiz ,
14. is a graph of points (x,y), where each x value is from the original set of sample data, and each y value is the corresponding z score
15. The density curve is the graph used to represent the values of discrete random varialbe
16. Sample means and median and proportions are unbiased estimators
TRUE, FALSE online learning games , ,
17. The population distribution is normal if the pattern of the points is reasonably close to a straight line and the points show some systematic pattern
Normal distribution, stem plot, normal quantile plot /normal probability plot, none of the above,
18. Sample ......are biased estimators
TRUE, FALSE, online education ,
19. Sample ........... is unbiased estimator
20. z Score represent the ......... along horizontal while area/prbability represent ...... under the curve
log (x %2b 1). , 1/x, x^2, all of above,
21. we can transform the data so that the modified values have a normal distribution by replacing each value of x with
fixed number of trials, independent trials, outcomes classified into two categories , All of above,