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Match the following

Draw Comclusions, numbers, hypothesis, product, design, prototype, spring scale, variable, plan and conduct investigations web 2.0 , record and display data assess performance , pan balance, predict, time and space relationships, classify and order, measure, engineering,

what comes after sketches, plans and the prototype, an original test or model on which a real product is based, to conceive something and prepare the plans or drawings to build , boats with larger sails move faster becasue larger sails collect more wind., meteorologist uses weather patterms to determine whether it will rai , used to measure force in units called newtons, use of scientific and mathematical principles to develop practicl, you notice that water seems to evaporate at different rates . The cause is? educational games , you want to know how salty water must be to make an egg float, putting things into groups, stopwatches and clocks, high tide or low tide planets moving in space., how a cold freezer has to be to make fruit pops. The temperature is , using tools to find length, width, height,mass,weight,elapsed time and volume., observing by counting or measuring,comparing and ordering,speed., used to measure mass with units called grams., observations on clipboards,notebooks and.making tables,graphs or diagrams.,