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Everyday Science Skills

Match the scientific skill with the definition.

variable , Haley was looking at a sample of pond water trying to see any microbe, I learned that water freezes at 32 degrees F. What tool did I use?, a tool that measures mass mix questions , An industrial machine needs to stay under 185 degrees.What tool do we need? improve results , anything used to help people shape, build or produce things to meet their needs, A scientist discovered a new planet orbiting a distant star. What tool did he use?, inference, observation, Oliver is trying to figure out which plant grew most over the weekend., prediction, communicate, data, Any designed system, product, process used to solve problems, compare, A tool that measures forces such as weight,

to share the results of an investigation, thermometer, individual facts, statistics and items of information build your own quiz , using your five senses to get information, what something thinks will happen, thinking about how some things are the same or different assess performance , telescope, a statement that explains an observation, tool english , spring scale, pan balance, ruler, any factor that can be controlled, changed or measured:experi, thermometer, technology, microscope grading ,