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GK: Mishpochology: Avrom%27s family

Find the pair of each card. This quiz will test you Avrom%27s family, so make sure you%27ve met them first! Good luck!

Sarai, Rivka, Nachor, Bilhah, Avrom, Hagar, Leah, Yitzchok, Rochel, Eisav, Lot, Terach, Haranstimulate your students , Yakov online , Yishmael quiz generator , Zilpah,

Yitzchok%27s other son, One of the Avos. Yitzchok%27s son, Yakov%27s maidservant-wife to Leah, Avrom and Hagar%27s son, One of the Imahos. Yakov%27s favorite wife, Avrom%27s father, Avrom%27s brother, died in the fire quiz builder , One of the Avos. Terach%27s son, One of the Imahos. Yitzchok%27s wife, Avrom%27s maidservant-wife, Yakov%27s maidservant-wife to Rochel, Avrom%27s brother, Avrom%27s nephew (Haran%27s son) elearning , One of the Imahos. Yakov%27s wife, One of the Avos. Avrom and Sarai%27s son, One of the Imahos. Avrom%27s wife,