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Unit 2

1. how does a firewall improve the system?
by blocking all traffic, by blocking unknown traffic, by scanning data on the hard drive, by scanning website data
2. How does a anti spyware improve the system
by removing spywares from hard drive, by scanning and monitoring hard drive for spyware online , by always updating the spyware database, by using complex algorithms to track down spyware
3. Why are cookies dangerous?
they spy from your temporary folder allowing others to see info, too sweet, spy from the internet on to your hard drive, junk files fills up the hard drive
4. Which software is used to remove cookies and junk files
anti virus, anti spyware, disk cleaner, disk defragmentation
5. How does a disk cleaner improve the system?
By removing junk files left from the browser and softwares, by alerting the antivirus about any problem, by blocking the internet traffic from coming in, by allowing all files to be deleted
6. once your computer is infected with a virus whats the next course of action?
Full scan on hard disk only, full scan on hard disk internal / external, full scan of the internet, normal scan on hard disk
7. How would you ensure your data are secure on your computer?
by checking for virus often and keeping regular backups of files, by using defrag and disk cleaner as many time possible, by only using disk cleaner to remove junk files, by using anti virus only
8. what type of software is norton 360?
antivirus, firewall, disk cleaner, disk defrag
9. What type of software is Ccleaner?
Disk cleaner, disk defrag, Database, virus protection
10. What type of software is Ad-Aware?
Firewall, Anti Spyware, Virus Protection, Disk Defragmentation
11. Which operating has no know virus?
Mac OSX, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, HTC
12. How do you ensure total security of system?
You can%27t ensure total security only can improve security, by activating firewall and antivirus, by investing in expensive software, by only purchasing valid software not internet downloaded
13. What does a file partition do?
it makes the hard disk readable to the operating system, its save the opeating system, it maintains the file system under the OS, its hold all the security files in the OS
14. how does drive formatting help improve the system?
by deleting the drive fully, by erasing partial data on the drive, by hiding the files, by copying files to backup
15. If you want to Dual boot windows and linux what will you need?
2 partitions on hard disk one for windows and one for linux, install both on same partition, install linux on top of windows, Windows is the best no need for Linux