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unit 6 flow chart activity

1. what does the square in represent?
process, input, start, integer
2. what is the dimaond shape in flow charts represent?
Decision, process, start, end
3. educational activities Which box represent a variable in flow chart
square, circle, diamond, star
4. which element represent a begining and end in flow chart
circle educational games , box, diamond, hectagon
5. Which shape represents if staement
diamond, circle, box, star
6. What is a flow chart?
shows how the data flows through a software, shows the objectives of the program, shows a flow chart, Show the data flow from begining to end of program run
7. What is a flow chart used for?
To define an algorithm, to show how to the data flows, no particular use, games
8. Should you do flow charts before or after programming code?
Before, Before and after, after, dont bother with it at all.
9. How can flow charts be useful to programmers?
it gives them a clear idea about the software, it shows how to program, it doesnt help, it shows the lifecycle and usability of the software
10. To break down a complicated program which of the following would you use?
create flow chart and then program the code, program then create flow chart, create flow chart, validate data and then program , just program and it will work
11. When a decision is no in flow chart what happens?
the program gets set back to the last instruction, program gets sent to the next instruction, program closes, program does nothing