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Vocab 1

lethargic, posthumous, meticulous language , resilient build your own quiz , elaborate - adjective, notorious, accentuate, vilify, diffident online education , vigilant, tangible, memento, insurgent, camaraderie learning , debilitate, elaborAte - verb,

to add details or clarify the meaning , mutual trust and friendship among a group of people, speak or write about in a harsh manner assess performance , able to recover quickly under difficult circumstances, detailed in design - involving many carefully arranged parts, shy bc of a lack of self-confidence, to weaken, to harm, perceptible by touch, well known for a negative reason, sluggish, , occurring after death, a keepsake or souvenir, one who rises up against authority - usually militant, to highlight or emphasize, showing great attention to detail create online tests , watchful - alert to signs of danger,