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Gifts of youth

Match the words with their meanings.

courage; fearless disposition to do things, Having a determined will., tackle, the introduction of new things, ideas or ways of doing things, physical strength and good health, intense enjoyment, interest or excitement, the state of being strong and active; a great deal of energy, a strong desire to do or achieve something, willingness to take risks, the ability to generate new methods or original ideas help students assimilate material , obstinate, not following one style but choosing from a wide variety, usually telling people what to do, the mental ability of forming new ideas, natural aptitude, ability or skill, too interested in things that do not concern you web tool ,

deal with a problem, piece of work, etc., eclectic, nosey/nosy, audacity, imagination, bossy, talent/gift prepare quiz , adventure, strong-minded, stubborn, vigour, innovation, ambition, passion, creativity, vitality,