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1. An outlier is a value that lies very far away from the vast majority of the other values in a data set.
2. Per capita income of a country with low standard deviation means
3. The formula for calculating the median of grouped data is given by the following: (N%2b1)/2.
4. An unbiased estimator is a sample statistic whose expected value equals the population parameter
67 inches, 71 inches, 68 inches, 72 inches,
5. The Population is a collection of all individuals, objects, or measurements of interest
TRUE, FALSE save time , ,
6. A distribution is positively skewed if more of the extreme values lie to the left of the highest point
7. a numerical measurement describing some characteristic of a population
8. For a set of data, the 5-number summary consists of the minimum value; the first quartile Q1; the median (or second quartile Q2); the third quartile, Q3; and the maximum value.
TRUE, FALSE learning , ,
9. find the percentile of 2 in the data set: 1,2,3,4,5,6 is:
TRUE, FALSE ESL , grading ,
10. the coefficient of variation is one of the measure of center
11. observing and measuring specific characteristics without attempting to modify the subjects being studied
12. The curve of a normal distribution is bell shaped
13. subdivide the population into at least two different subgroups that share the same characteristics, then draw a sample from each subgroup (or stratum)
14. Ogive is a line graph that uses relative frequencies
15. The heights of ten male students (in inches) in a college biology class are listed below. Find the mean. 71 67 67 72 76 72 73 68 72 72
16. Standard deviation represents the average distance from Mean.
Statistic, parameter, Qualitative response, variable,
17. the number of standard deviations that a given value x is above or below the mean
67 minutes, 65 minutes, 68 minutes, 66 minutes,
18. Voluntary response sample(or self-selected sample)one in which the respondents themselves decide whether to be included
Obtaining arithmetic mean., Computing cumulative frequency., Obtaining deviation each item from the arithmetic mean., Squaring each deviation.,
19. Median is the only measure of central tendency that can be used with nominal data
income is fairly distributed., citizens of the country in general have low income., citizens of the country in general have high income., income is unfairly distributed.,
20. Nonsampling erroer is :the difference between a sample result and the true population result; such an error results from chance sample fluctuations
Descriptive Statistics , Inferential Statistics , Inferential Statistics %26 Descriptive Statistics distance learning , None of the above,
21. A set of data cannot have the same value for the mode, median, and mean
170, 169, 170, 170, 169, 170, 176, 169,
22. Nonzero Axis and pictograph are examples of graphs
14.89, 14.23, 15.35 learning , 15.11,
23. Pareto graph is a bar graph for qualitative data, with the bars arranged in descending order according to frequencies
census, sample, satatistic,
24. voluntary response is a bad sample
25. The Binomial is an example of continuous distribution
census, sample, parameter , statistic,
26. . The term %27Population%27 in statistics means the complete collection of all individuals to be included
nominal-ordinal-interval-ratio, Quatitative data-categorical data-discrete data-continuous data, nominal-ordinal, discrete-continuous,
27. The commuting times of ten employees (in minutes) are listed below. Find the mode score. 65 66 67 66 67 70 67 70 71 68
28. Arithmetic mean is influenced by the extreme values in the distribution.
TRUE, FALSE quiz generator , class page ,
29. Types of observational study are:
experiment study, observational study quiz builder , both a and bstimulate your students , none of the obove,
30. The heights in centimeters of 5 students are: 165, 175, 176, 159, 170. The sample median and sample mean are respectively
31. Interpretation of the results obtained from the data is not the subject matter of statistics.
simple random sample, probability sample, systematic sampling, convenience sampling,
32. Characteristics of Histogram :
systematic sampling, random sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling,
33. Uses line segments connected to points directly above class midpoint values
systematic sampling, multistage sample , stratified sample, cluster sample,
34. The sample variance s2 is an unbiased estimator of the population variance
observational and experiment, reandom and systematic sampling, simple random sample, Random/ Systematic /Convenience /Stratified /Cluster/ Multistage,
35. Collection of data from every member of a population
Cross sectional study, Retrospective (or case control) study, Prospective (or longitudinal or cohort) study, all of the above,
36. subjects in experiments study are called experimental units
Cross sectional study, Retrospective (or case control) study, Prospective (or longitudinal or cohort) study, not of the above,
37. percentiles and quartiles are measures of location
38. Which of the following is not the step while calculating %27standard deviation
Randomization, replication, blinding, all of the above,
39. Dotplot is a graph in which each data value is plotted as a point (or dot) along a scale of values. Dots representing equal values are stacked.
bars should be adjacent to each other, bars should be of equal width , the axis other than the one on which bars stand represents frequency class web page , bars stands only in ascending or descending order,
40. Voluntary response (or self-selected) samples often have bias
41. The ........... of a set of values is a measure of variation equal to the square of the standard deviation
(1) The frequencies increase to a maximum, and then decrease., (2) symmetry, with the left half of the graph roughly a mirror image of the right half., both 1 and 2, none of the above,
42. Methods of sampling are:
ogive, frequency polygon, dotplot, stemplot,
43. The collection of all cars registered in Saudi Arabia is an example of population
44. every possible sample of the same size n has the same chance of being chosen
45. Range is a measure of central value.
mean and midrange , range , both a and b, not of the both ,
46. A numerical summary of a population is a
47. In Cross sectional study data are observed, measured, and collected at one point in time
midrange, range, variance, none of the above,
48. data are collected from the past by going back in time (examine records, interviews) %3e%3eexpress :
49. What are the quartiles for the following set of numbers? 8, 11, 20, 10, 2, 17, 15, 5, 16, 15, 25, 6
50. Which of the following is not the feature of Histogram
quartile, z-score, percentile, coefficient of variation,
51. Examples of experiment designs are :
52. A sample of 35 observations were classified as follows: Class Frequency 0 - 5 8 5 -10 2 10-15 6 15-20 8 20-25 5 25-30 5 30-35 0 35-40 1 The sample mean of the above grouped data is:
Quartiles, data summary, 5-number summary, none of the above,
53. sensitive to extreme values:
TRUE, FALSE improve results , ,
54. Type of Statistic are
Q1 = 15, Q2 = 16, Q3 = 15.5, Q1 = 6, Q2 = 13, Q3 = 17, Q1 = 7, Q2 = 13, Q3 = 16.5, Q1 = 8, Q2 = 13, Q3 = 16,
55. Data are classified due level of meaurment to thases categories:
15, 16 online education , 17, none of the above,