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Cheese-Rolling races 1 (copy)

1. coroczny
annual, a fame, a bruise, a competition
2. równowaga
a balance, a spectator, a competition, a accident
3. siniak
a bruise, annual, a accident, a race
4. okrzyk
a cheer, annual, a race, a wheel of cheese
5. konkurs
a competition, a balance, injure, a race
6. zawodnik
a competitior, a crash barrier, steep, injure
7. bariera bezpieczeństwa
a crash barrier, a fame, a cheer, a slope
8. zwariowany
crazy, a crash barrier, a crowd, steep
9. publiczność
a crowd, a slope, a competition, a competitior
10. sława
a fame, a accident, a competition, a bruise
11. ranny
injure, a fame, a spectator, crazy
12. nagroda
a prize, a fame, steep, a crowd
13. wyścig
a race, a bruise, a wheel of cheese, a balance
14. quiz builder krążek
a roll, annual, a accident, a route
15. trasa
a route, a crash barrier, a prize, a competitior
16. print quizzes pochyłość
a slope, a crash barrier, annual, a fame
17. kibic
a spectator, a bruise results , crazy, a accident
18. quiz generator stromy
steep, a cheer, a crash barrier, a roll
19. krążek sera
a wheel of cheese, a cheer, a race, a roll